Rosé wine apéritif

Lillet Rosé, Cocchi Americano Rosa

Rosé wine apéritif like Lillet Rosé and Cocchi Americano Rosa are made from rosé wine, fortified with sugar and a blend of citrus peels, fruit liqueurs, and Peruvian quinine for that malaria-fighting punch.

The flavor is light but complex, and pairs well with rose, raspberry, and grapefruit flavors.

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Rosé wine
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Cocktails that use Rosé wine apéritif

Cocchi Cobbler
Rosé wine apéritif, Vodka, Passion fruit puree...
Dear Prudence
Vodka, Lemon, Grapefruit...
Pink on Pink
Vodka, Rosé wine apéritif, Lemon...
Pins & Needles
Rosé wine apéritif, Unaged rhum agricole, Pineapple syrup...
Rosé Negroni
Rosé wine, Rosé wine apéritif, Bitter orange apéritif...
That’s Probably Him
Gin, Dry vermouth, Rosé wine apéritif...