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You can use any variety of lime you like – key limes are welcome anywhere a Mexican lime is.

Don’t even bother with the pre-squeezed juice that comes in the little plastic bottles. The stuff they use to keep it fresh-ish imparts a bitter, chemical flavor that’ll kill your drinks dead.

Also Known As

Cocktails that use Lime

# Tres # Tres 7&7 7&7 Airmail Airmail Ajax Punch Ajax Punch Almond Brother Almond Brother An Apple a Day An Apple a Day Añejo Highball Añejo Highball Apple Daiquiri Apple Daiquiri Apricot Lady Apricot Lady Arizona Mule Arizona Mule Artichoke Hold Artichoke Hold Aurora Bora Borealis Aurora Bora Borealis Autumn Daiquiri Autumn Daiquiri Autumn Meadow Autumn Meadow Ballad of a Thin Man Ballad of a Thin Man Banana Daiquiri Banana Daiquiri Banana Hammock Banana Hammock Baron Samedi Baron Samedi Barrymore Room Barrymore Room Basil Gimlet Basil Gimlet Basilinia Basilinia Beach Bod Fizz Beach Bod Fizz Beach Towel Beach Towel Beachbum Beachbum Beachcomber Beachcomber Beachfire Margarita Beachfire Margarita Bennett Bennett Bermuda Punch Bermuda Punch Best Year Best Year Bird of Paradise Fizz Bird of Paradise Fizz Bishop Bishop Bitter Bee Bitter Bee Bitter Mai Tai Bitter Mai Tai Black-Eyed Susan Black-Eyed Susan Blickey Blickey Bliss Point Bliss Point Blue Dahlia Blue Dahlia Blue Hawaii Blue Hawaii Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon Boardwalk Flyer Boardwalk Flyer Bolero Bolero Bossa Nova Bossa Nova Boukman Daiquiri Boukman Daiquiri Brazilian Wax Brazilian Wax Brooklynite Brooklynite Brooklyn’s Finest Brooklyn’s Finest Burro Burro Caipirinha Caipirinha Caipirissima Caipirissima Caipirosca Caipirosca Caldo de Caña Caldo de Caña Callaloo Cooler Callaloo Cooler Canchánchara Canchánchara Candice Candice Cantarito Cantarito Canteen Martini Canteen Martini Cape Codder Cape Codder Capirucha Capirucha Captain’s Grog Captain’s Grog Carbonated Piston Slinger Carbonated Piston Slinger Caribeño Caribeño Carioca Hawaiian Carioca Hawaiian Carmelina Carmelina Center of the Galaxy Center of the Galaxy Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin Chartreuse Swizzle Chartreuse Swizzle Chavela Chavela Chilcano Chilcano Chow Chicka Bow Wow Chow Chicka Bow Wow Cinnamon Girl Cinnamon Girl City Rickey City Rickey Cloud Forest Cloud Forest Cloudy Sky Cloudy Sky Coast of Dufresne Coast of Dufresne Cocchi Cobbler Cocchi Cobbler Cocky Fizz Cocky Fizz Coctel Noz de Coco Tropical Coctel Noz de Coco Tropical Conquistador Conquistador Copa Caipirinha Copa Caipirinha Corn N’ Oil Corn N’ Oil Corzo Holly Corzo Holly Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan Crucian Banana Squash Crucian Banana Squash Cuba Kola Cuba Kola Cuba Libre Cuba Libre Czech Sidecar Czech Sidecar Daiquiri Daiquiri Daiquiri D’ananas Daiquiri D’ananas Daiquiri du Bresil Daiquiri du Bresil Daisy de Santiago Daisy de Santiago Dangriga Fizz Dangriga Fizz Dark N’ Stormy Dark N’ Stormy Dawa Dawa Dead Bastard Dead Bastard Dead Man’s Handle Dead Man’s Handle Deadbeat Daiquiri Deadbeat Daiquiri Delores Royale Delores Royale Derby Derby Destroyer Destroyer Division Bell Division Bell Don’t Mind If I Do Don’t Mind If I Do Dos Besitos Dos Besitos Double Standard Double Standard Doubleplusgood Doubleplusgood Downtown Daiquiri Downtown Daiquiri Dusty Trails Dusty Trails Dying Bastard Dying Bastard El Diablo El Diablo El Draque El Draque El Floridita El Floridita El Pequeño’s Mojito El Pequeño’s Mojito Emerald City Emerald City Eve’s Seduction Eve’s Seduction Expat Expat Fay Wray Fay Wray Flamingo Flamingo Florodora Florodora Foghorn Foghorn French Pearl French Pearl Garden Gin & Tonic Garden Gin & Tonic Getaway Car Getaway Car GGG+T GGG+T Gilda Gilda Gin & Soda Gin & Soda Gin Rickey Gin Rickey Gin-Gin Mule Gin-Gin Mule Golden Beautiful Golden Beautiful Golden Gun Golden Gun Gooney Goo-Goo Gooney Goo-Goo Gordon’s Breakfast Gordon’s Breakfast Gordon’s Cup Gordon’s Cup Grand Autumn Grand Autumn Great Pretender Great Pretender Green Eyes Green Eyes Green Goddess Green Goddess Grog Grog Gulangyu Breeze Gulangyu Breeze Gypsy Wedding Gypsy Wedding Hai Karate Hai Karate Halekulani Halekulani Harvest Moon Harvest Moon Hawaiian Sunset Hawaiian Sunset Hearts of Pom Hearts of Pom Heaviest Weight Heaviest Weight High Ball Stepper High Ball Stepper Highland Picnic Highland Picnic Hinky Dinks Fizzy Hinky Dinks Fizzy Honeysuckle Honeysuckle Hop Toad Hop Toad Hotel Nacional Special Hotel Nacional Special How to Kill a Friend How to Kill a Friend Hugo Hugo Hurricane Hurricane I Don’t Mind You Shooting Me, Frank, But Take it Easy on the Rum I Don’t Mind You Shooting Me, Frank, But Take it Easy on the Rum I Love Lamp I Love Lamp I’m On Fire I’m On Fire Infante Infante Isla de Piña Isla de Piña Jade Jade Jet Pilot Jet Pilot Jitters Jitters Juan Ho Royale Juan Ho Royale Jungle Bird Jungle Bird Jungle Cat Jungle Cat Junior Junior Kamikaze Kamikaze Kansai Kick Kansai Kick Kapu Kai Kapu Kai Kingston Soundsystem Kingston Soundsystem Knickerbocker Knickerbocker La Bomba La Bomba La Guildive La Guildive LaCroix Cocktail LaCroix Cocktail Lady of Singapore Lady of Singapore Last Rites Last Rites Last Word Last Word Lavender Mule Lavender Mule Lei Lani Volcano Lei Lani Volcano Life on Freezy Street Life on Freezy Street Lion’s Tail Lion’s Tail Lost Lake Lost Lake Luau Luau Luau Daiquiri Luau Daiquiri Lusty Lady Lusty Lady Lychee Lani Lychee Lani Macaulay Culkin Macaulay Culkin Mai Tai Mai Tai Mai Tai Spritz Mai Tai Spritz Mamie Taylor Mamie Taylor Maracuya Caipirinha Maracuya Caipirinha Margarita Margarita Matador Matador Medicina Latina Medicina Latina Melancia Melancia Mexican Firing Squad Mexican Firing Squad Mezcal Mule Mezcal Mule Michelada Michelada Milk Maid Milk Maid Millionaire Millionaire Mojito Mojito Molokai Mule Molokai Mule Monastery Monastery Monkey Man Monkey Man Moscow Mule Moscow Mule Muertito Vivo Muertito Vivo Mula Pomelo Mula Pomelo Mystic Lamp Mystic Lamp Mystical One Mystical One Naked & Famous Naked & Famous Niesen Buzz Bomb Niesen Buzz Bomb Nilsson Schmillson Nilsson Schmillson Nomad Nomad Norwegian Paralysis Norwegian Paralysis Ocean Side Ocean Side Oh, Gosh! Oh, Gosh! Ojo Rojo Ojo Rojo Old Cuban Old Cuban Olmec Colossal Grog Olmec Colossal Grog Oranj-a-Bloom Oranj-a-Bloom Oriental Oriental Pago Pago Pago Pago Paloma Paloma Paloma Fresca Paloma Fresca Paloma Rose Paloma Rose Papa Doble Papa Doble Parasol Parasol Peachy Pachacuti Peachy Pachacuti Pegu Club Pegu Club Penang Afrididi Penang Afrididi Pharaoh Cooler Pharaoh Cooler Pieces of Eight Pieces of Eight Piña Verde Piña Verde Pins & Needles Pins & Needles Planter’s Punch Planter’s Punch Polynesian Guava Daiquiri Polynesian Guava Daiquiri Porn Star Martini Porn Star Martini Port au Prince Port au Prince Prado Prado Prickly Pear Margarita Prickly Pear Margarita Puka Punch Puka Punch Pupule Pupule Pyrus Communis Pyrus Communis Quarantine Order Quarantine Order Queen’s Park Hotel Super Cocktail Queen’s Park Hotel Super Cocktail Queen’s Road Queen’s Road Rain Killer Rain Killer Ramos Gin Fizz Ramos Gin Fizz Ranch Water Ranch Water Rhum Club Rhum Club Rising Sun Rising Sun Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Rum & Tonic Rum & Tonic Rum Runner Rum Runner Sake Sangria Sake Sangria Saloon Man’s Sour Saloon Man’s Sour Salty Bird Salty Bird Samarian Sunset Samarian Sunset San Salvador San Salvador Sandia Sandia Scandinavian Daiquiri Scandinavian Daiquiri Scorpion Kick Scorpion Kick Seoul-jito Seoul-jito Shudders in a Whisper Shudders in a Whisper Sideways in Reverse Sideways in Reverse Sidewinder’s Fang Sidewinder’s Fang Silk Road Silk Road Silk Sheets Silk Sheets Singapore Sling Singapore Sling Single Village Fix Single Village Fix Skipper’s Punch Skipper’s Punch Southside Southside Spaceface Spaceface Sparkling Pineapple Sparkling Pineapple Sport Pilot Sport Pilot Spritzer Spritzer Stiletto Stiletto Stormy Morning Stormy Morning Stormy Weather Stormy Weather Strawberry Daiquiri Strawberry Daiquiri Striptease Striptease Suffering Bastard Suffering Bastard Sumatra Kula Sumatra Kula Summer of George Summer of George Sunset at Gowanus Sunset at Gowanus Swedish 60 Swedish 60 Swizzle Français Swizzle Français Tangaroa Tangaroa Taxco Taxco Teresa Teresa Terra Boa Terra Boa Test Pilot Test Pilot That Cucumber Cocktail That Cucumber Cocktail Three Dots and a Dash Three Dots and a Dash Ti’ Punch Ti’ Punch Tick of the Clock Tick of the Clock Tommy’s Margarita Tommy’s Margarita Tropical Christmas Tropical Christmas Tropical Cocktail Tropical Cocktail Tropical Highball Tropical Highball Twenty Seventy Swizzle Twenty Seventy Swizzle Undead Gentleman Undead Gentleman Vanilla Sour Vanilla Sour Vicious Virgin Vicious Virgin Virgin Island Kula Virgin Island Kula Vodka Soda Vodka Soda Vodka Tonic Vodka Tonic Voyager Voyager Warehouse C Warehouse C What The Dickens? What The Dickens? Whiskey Rickey Whiskey Rickey White Tie & Tiara White Tie & Tiara White Wedding White Wedding White Witch White Witch Whoa Mama Whoa Mama Wray & Ting Wray & Ting Yellow Bird Yellow Bird Zombie Zombie Zulia Garden Zulia Garden
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