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Sparkling water

Sparkling water cocktail ingredient

Sparkling water comes in many forms, but we’re referring to the unflavored kind – preferably club soda. If you can’t get real club soda, go ahead and use seltzer or sparkling water. We’re partial to Topo Chico or Perrier.

Also Known As

  • Club soda
  • Soda water
  • Sparkling water
  • Seltzer water
  • Fizzy water
  • Mineral water

Cocktails that use Sparkling water

A Scented Stretch A Scented Stretch Absinthe Frappe Absinthe Frappe Amber Road Amber Road Americano Americano Apple Gin Fizz Apple Gin Fizz Apricot Fizz Apricot Fizz Arancia Julius Arancia Julius Ballad of a Thin Man Ballad of a Thin Man Basil Spritz Basil Spritz Batida Rosa Batida Rosa Ben-Tiki Sour Ben-Tiki Sour Bird of Paradise Fizz Bird of Paradise Fizz Biscotti Spritz Biscotti Spritz Bitter Spritz Bitter Spritz Bizzy Izzy Bizzy Izzy Black Cup Black Cup Blickey Blickey Bourbon Jam Bourbon Jam Bourbon Lift Bourbon Lift Bourbon Street Bourbon Street Brandy & Soda Brandy & Soda Brandy Lift Brandy Lift Brazilian Wax Brazilian Wax Caldo de Caña Caldo de Caña Callaloo Cooler Callaloo Cooler Canchánchara Canchánchara Candice Candice Carbonated Piston Slinger Carbonated Piston Slinger Celine Fizz Celine Fizz Chico Chico City Coral City Coral City Rickey City Rickey Claremont Claremont Daddy Don’t Make Dinner Daddy Don’t Make Dinner Daisy de Santiago Daisy de Santiago Daybreaker Daybreaker Don Gorgon Don Gorgon Don’s Own Planter’s Don’s Own Planter’s Dusty Trails Dusty Trails Edith’s Fizz Edith’s Fizz El Pequeño’s Mojito El Pequeño’s Mojito Floppy Disk Floppy Disk Frangipane Spritz Frangipane Spritz Gin & Soda Gin & Soda Gin Daisy Gin Daisy Gin Fizz Gin Fizz Gin Rickey Gin Rickey Gin Sling Gin Sling Gin Sonic Gin Sonic Ginger Bumble Ginger Bumble Golden Beautiful Golden Beautiful Golden Fizz Golden Fizz Goldfinch Goldfinch Green Goddess Green Goddess Green Tea Highball Green Tea Highball Harvard Harvard Hightail Out Hightail Out Honshu Punch Honshu Punch Horse’s Neck Horse’s Neck Irish Sling Irish Sling Japanese Highball Japanese Highball Japanese Orange Breeze Japanese Orange Breeze John Collins John Collins Kentucky Buck Kentucky Buck Kiwi Fizz Kiwi Fizz La Berceuse La Berceuse Laid Back Laid Back Lucy Basilia Lucy Basilia Merchant’s Wife Merchant’s Wife Merciless Virgin Merciless Virgin Mezcal & Soda Mezcal & Soda Mojito Mojito Monk’s Respite Monk’s Respite Mr. Beard’s Citrus Cooler Mr. Beard’s Citrus Cooler Mula Pomelo Mula Pomelo New School Gin Daisy New School Gin Daisy Nice (by Way of Antibes) Nice (by Way of Antibes) Oaxacan Ice Water Oaxacan Ice Water Oh, Gosh! Oh, Gosh! Paloma Fresca Paloma Fresca Paloma Rose Paloma Rose Pearl Collins Pearl Collins Pharaoh Cooler Pharaoh Cooler Pimm’s Cup Pimm’s Cup Pins & Needles Pins & Needles Pisco & Soda Pisco & Soda Plum Splet Plum Splet Pompier Pompier Presbyterian Presbyterian Ramos Gin Fizz Ramos Gin Fizz Ranch Water Ranch Water Raspberry Rose Fizz Raspberry Rose Fizz Rivington Punch Rivington Punch Rose Kennedy Rose Kennedy Rosémonade Rosémonade Rudolph Collins Rudolph Collins San Pancho San Pancho Scotch & Soda Scotch & Soda Seoul-jito Seoul-jito Shae Collins Shae Collins She’s Leaving Home She’s Leaving Home Shudders in a Whisper Shudders in a Whisper Sidewinder’s Fang Sidewinder’s Fang Silver Lining Silver Lining Sloe Gin Fizz Sloe Gin Fizz Sloe Gin Highball Sloe Gin Highball Sonoran Sunset Sonoran Sunset Southside Fizz Southside Fizz Spa Spa Spritzer Spritzer Strawberry Contessa Strawberry Contessa Surf City Spritz Surf City Spritz Taxco Taxco Terra Boa Terra Boa Tesla Collins Tesla Collins Tom Collins Tom Collins Tropical Christmas Tropical Christmas Unnamed Cocktail #55 Unnamed Cocktail #55 Violet Fizz Violet Fizz Virgin Island Kula Virgin Island Kula Vodka Soda Vodka Soda Watermelon Julep Watermelon Julep West 8th West 8th Whiskey Rickey Whiskey Rickey White Noise White Noise White Witch White Witch Wisconsin Old Fashioned Wisconsin Old Fashioned
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