Simple syrup

This isn’t usually an ingredient you’d buy; we’ve seen it for sale, but it’s so easy to make that it’s silly to shell out your hard-earned cash. Just boil equal part sugar and water together until it’s clear. Let it cool and pour into a handy vessel like a condiment bottle or mason jar.

Also Known As

  • Gum syrup
  • Gomme syrup
  • Sirope
  • Sorghum syrup

This app ROCKS!!!

I've used a number of mix drink apps, and this one is by FAR the BEST! I've made a couple dozen drinks so far, and they're delicious. It suits my quality wants while (more importantly) suiting my inherent laziness. You put in what you have on hand, and it automatically lists all the drinks you can make! There's info on all the ingredients, which is pretty neat to learn some backstory. What I truly like is I can click an ingredient and it shows how many more drinks I can make. It's pretty fun picking up a new item and seeing 8 new drinks to try. There's a setting on the iPad that locks the app on so people can switch on the mixing app without letting anyone out of it, so I leave it by the bar and people can use it without worry of people snooping around. ;) The combination of all the drinks and this app that makes searching for, and making a drink, easy peezy lemon squeezey, and gives a real feeling of sophistication.
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