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Simple syrup

This isn’t usually an ingredient you’d buy; we’ve seen it for sale, but it’s so easy to make that it’s silly to shell out your hard-earned cash. Just boil equal part sugar and water together until it’s clear. Let it cool and pour into a handy vessel like a condiment bottle or mason jar.

Also Known As

  • Gum syrup
  • Gomme syrup
  • Sirope
  • Sorghum syrup

Cocktails that use Simple syrup

A Quick Little Pick-Me-Up A Wish for Grace Absinthe Frappe Agave Punch Ajax Punch Alabazam Alfonso All Roads Lead To Rum Amaretto Sour An Apple a Day Aperol Sour Apple Daiquiri Apple Gin Fizz Apple Sidecar Apricot Flip Apricot Sour Aqua Pearl Autumn Meadow Ballad of a Thin Man Bamboo Banana Daiquiri Barreled Cinnamon Barrymore Room Basil Gimlet Batida Rosa Beach Towel Beachfire Margarita Bella Luna Bennett Bishop Bitter French Bizzy Izzy Black Cup Black Demure Black Forest Sour Black Jack Blue Angel Blue Dahlia Blue Hawaii Bolero Bon Bon Boozy Shakerato Bossa Nova Boston Sour Bourbon Milk Punch Bourbon Renewal Bourbon’s Foster Bramble Brandy Flip Brass Rail Bruja Smash Bunny Mother Burro Cable Car Caipirinha Caipirissima Caipirosca Caldo de Caña California 75 Candice Caribeño Carioca Hawaiian Champagne Cobbler Champagne Julep Chico Cinnamon Girl Cloister Coast of Dufresne Cocchi Cobbler Conquistador Coronado Luau Special Corzo Holly Cuzco Czech Sidecar Daiquiri Daisy de Santiago Dale’s Julep Deadbeat Daiquiri Dear Prudence Death Flip Death From Above Derby Cocktail Tropicál Don Gorgon Don’t Mind If I Do Dr. Melfi’s Medicine Eagle’s Dream Egg Sour Elk’s Own Enzoni Espresso Martini Espresso Mexicano Eve’s Seduction Expat Floralia Gimlet Forbidden Fruit Foxy Lady French 75 French Pearl Fresh Bramble Frisky Whiskey Frosé Y’all Frozémonade Gargoyle & Spire Getaway Car Gin Crown Gin Fizz Gin Sling Gin Sour Gin-Gin Mule Golden Fizz Goldfinch Gordon’s Breakfast Gordon’s Cup Green Eyes Green Goddess Grog Guadalajara Harvest Pear Harvest Sour Highland Picnic Hightail Out Hitler’s Jitters Honshu Punch Hurricane I Don’t Mind You Shooting Me, Frank, But Take it Easy on the Rum Ichigo Sour Irish Coffee Irish Sling Iron Ranger Jade Japanese 75 John Collins Josephine Baker Jungle Bird Kapu Kai Kentucky Buck Kiwi-Sea Kiwicha La Berceuse La Bomba LaCroix Cocktail Ladies’ Room Sweet Tea Lazy Suze Le Sime Lei Lani Volcano Lemon Drop Lemon Pom Limerence Lion’s Tail Lite Treason Long Island Iced Tea Luau Lusty Lady Madam’s Jams and Preserves Mai Tai Margarita Masataka Swizzle May Day Melon Stand Merchant’s Wife Metropolitan Midnight Express Milk Maid Milk Punch Mint Apple Crisp Mint Julep Molto Facile Monarch Mr. Bali Hai Mr. Beard’s Citrus Cooler Nester’s Refresher New School Gin Daisy New York Sour Nice Nice Night Watch Norwegian Paralysis Ocean Side Oh, Gosh! Old Cuban Old Fashioned Old Flame Old Town Vodka Punch Olmec Colossal Grog Orinoco Oswalt Paloma Fresca Peg Leg Perfect Lady Pisco Sour Potted Parrot Prescription Julep Rain Killer Ramble Ramos Gin Fizz Ranch Water Rattlesnake Red Moon Over Manhattan Rhum Club Rum Cow Rum Flip Ruse Sake Sangria Sake Spritz Salty Bird Samarian Sunset San Francisco Nog Saratoga Brace Up Sazerac Sazerac and Cider Scandinavian Daiquiri Scorpion Kick Shae Collins She’s Leaving Home Sherry & Tonic Sherry Cobbler Silk Road Sinatra Smash Slivovitz Sour Sloe Bramble Sloe Gin Fizz Sloe Gin Highball Smash Song for Mona Sour Seoul South Beach South Sea Dipper Southside Southside Fizz Spa Spiced Nog Flip Spumoni St. Matilda Stone Sour Straw Dog Strawberry Daiquiri Suffering Bastard Swedish 60 Sweet Basil Swizzle Français Tamagozake Terra Boa Tesla Collins That Cucumber Cocktail The Drive Ti’ Punch TJ Smash Tom Collins Toronto Treacle Twenty Seventy Swizzle Vieux Mot Violet Fizz Virgin Island Kula West 8th What The Dickens? Whiskey Sour Wibble Wisconsin Old Fashioned Wiz Fizz Zulia Garden
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