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Aged rum

Bottle of aged rum, an ingredient for cocktails

This is the main body of rum styles – medium color, aged, smooth flavor.

Also Known As

  • Anejo rum
  • Amber rum
  • Gold rum
  • Pyrat

Cocktails that use Aged rum

46 46 A Wish for Grace A Wish for Grace Airmail Airmail Añejo Highball Añejo Highball Aquadisiac Aquadisiac Artichoke Hold Artichoke Hold Aurora Bora Borealis Aurora Bora Borealis Autumn Daiquiri Autumn Daiquiri Bahama Mama Bahama Mama Bahía Breeze Bahía Breeze Banana Daiquiri Banana Daiquiri Baron Samedi Baron Samedi Bay Breeze Bay Breeze Beachbum Beachbum Beachbum’s Own Beachbum’s Own Bee’s Kiss Bee’s Kiss Belladonna Belladonna Bells Will be Ringing Bells Will be Ringing Ben-Tiki Sour Ben-Tiki Sour Bermuda Punch Bermuda Punch Between the Sheets Between the Sheets Bitter Mai Tai Bitter Mai Tai Black-Eyed Susan Black-Eyed Susan Bolero Bolero Bombo Bombo Brooklynite Brooklynite Bula Bula Cabin Fever Cure Cabin Fever Cure Caipirissima Caipirissima Callaloo Cooler Callaloo Cooler Captain’s Grog Captain’s Grog Carioca Carioca Carioca Hawaiian Carioca Hawaiian Castaway Castaway Center of the Galaxy Center of the Galaxy Central Standard Swizzle Central Standard Swizzle Chow Chicka Bow Wow Chow Chicka Bow Wow Cinnamon Girl Cinnamon Girl Cloud Forest Cloud Forest Conquistador Conquistador Coronado Luau Special Coronado Luau Special Cradle to the Grave Cradle to the Grave Crucian Banana Squash Crucian Banana Squash Cuba Libre Cuba Libre Cuban Affair Cuban Affair Deadbeat Daiquiri Deadbeat Daiquiri Death From Above Death From Above Don’s Own Planter’s Don’s Own Planter’s Dunderstruck Dunderstruck Egg Nog Egg Nog El Presidente El Presidente Esquivel Esquivel Eye Opener Eye Opener Fay Wray Fay Wray Fog Cutter Fog Cutter German Vacation German Vacation Getaway Car Getaway Car Golden Gun Golden Gun Grog Grog Hai Karate Hai Karate Heaviest Weight Heaviest Weight Hightail Out Hightail Out Hinky Dinks Fizzy Hinky Dinks Fizzy Honeysuckle Honeysuckle Hop Toad Hop Toad Hot Buttered Cider Hot Buttered Cider Hot Buttered Rum Hot Buttered Rum Hot for Teacher Hot for Teacher Hurricane Hurricane Income Tax Income Tax Jet Pilot Jet Pilot Jitters Jitters Jupiter’s Acorn Jupiter’s Acorn Keep Your Dreams A Burnin’ Keep Your Dreams A Burnin’ Kingston Soundsystem Kingston Soundsystem Knickerbocker Knickerbocker La Bomba La Bomba La Guildive La Guildive Lady of Singapore Lady of Singapore Lauwiliwilinukunuku’oi’oi Lauwiliwilinukunuku’oi’oi Le Sime Le Sime Lost Lake Lost Lake Luau Luau Mai Tai Mai Tai Mai Tai Spritz Mai Tai Spritz Merciless Virgin Merciless Virgin Millionaire Millionaire Molokai Mule Molokai Mule Monkey Man Monkey Man Mr. Bali Hai Mr. Bali Hai Muertito Vivo Muertito Vivo Mystic Lamp Mystic Lamp Naughty Dog Naughty Dog Nutty Like a Fruitcake Nutty Like a Fruitcake Old Cuban Old Cuban Old Fashioned Old Fashioned Oranj-a-Bloom Oranj-a-Bloom Outrigger Outrigger Painkiller Painkiller Peg Leg Peg Leg Penang Afrididi Penang Afrididi Peppermint Bark Eggnog Peppermint Bark Eggnog Pieces of Eight Pieces of Eight Piña Colada Piña Colada Piranha Punch Piranha Punch Potted Parrot Potted Parrot Puka Punch Puka Punch Pupule Pupule Quarantine Order Quarantine Order Queen’s Park Hotel Super Cocktail Queen’s Park Hotel Super Cocktail Queen’s Road Queen’s Road Rain Killer Rain Killer Right Hand Right Hand Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Rum & Tonic Rum & Tonic Rum Cow Rum Cow Rum Flip Rum Flip Rum Runner Deluxe Rum Runner Deluxe Scorpion Scorpion Shudders in a Whisper Shudders in a Whisper Sidewinder’s Fang Sidewinder’s Fang South Sea Dipper South Sea Dipper Spanish Coffee Spanish Coffee Spyglass Spyglass St. Regis Julep St. Regis Julep St. Stephen’s Sour St. Stephen’s Sour Stone Fence Stone Fence Stormy Weather Stormy Weather Suburban Suburban Sumatra Kula Sumatra Kula Sunset at Gowanus Sunset at Gowanus Tangaroa Tangaroa Test Pilot Test Pilot Three Dots and a Dash Three Dots and a Dash Tiki-Tiki Tom-Tom Tiki-Tiki Tom-Tom Tropical Highball Tropical Highball Twenty Seventy Swizzle Twenty Seventy Swizzle Undead Gentleman Undead Gentleman Vicious Virgin Vicious Virgin Virgin Island Kula Virgin Island Kula Volcano House Hot Buttered Rum Volcano House Hot Buttered Rum Voodoo Down Voodoo Down Voyager Voyager What The Dickens? What The Dickens? Whitecap Whitecap Yellow Bird Yellow Bird Zombie Zombie
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