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Bottle of bourbon whiskey for cocktails

Bourbon is a type of whiskey made in America, primarily from fermented corn mash. It’s a little sweeter than other styles of whiskey, with notes of vanilla and oak.

Also Known As

  • Whiskey
  • Maker's Mark
  • Knob Hill
  • Jim Beam
  • Bulleit
  • Jack Daniel's
  • Tennessee whiskey

Cocktails that use Bourbon

19th Century 7&7 A Quick Little Pick-Me-Up A Spritz in the Dark Algonquin All Spice and Everything Nice Allegheny Amaretto Sour Amber Road Amen Corner American Trilogy And to All a Good Night Apple Sauced Architects and Kings Autumn Meadow Avenue & Davenport Barrymore Room BBT Betty Carter Bitter Darling Black Demure Black Hawk Blackthorne Blickey Blinker Boilermaker Boo Radley Boston Sour Boulevardier Bourbon & Root Beer Bourbon Jam Bourbon Lift Bourbon Milk Punch Bourbon Renewal Bourbon Street Bourbon’s Foster Bronco Buster Brooklyn Brown Derby Call It A Night Cardamom & Banana Caribbean Milk Punch Chas Claremont Commodore Cooper’s Regard Crimson Crane Crusta Dale’s Julep Dead Bastard Deadly Sin Democrat Derby Derby Cocktail Tropicál Double Derby Dry Manhattan Dying Bastard Early Fall Lowball Elk’s Own Enlightenment Expat Fancy Free Fender Bender Filibuster Fireside Chat Four in Hand Gingerbread Gold Rush Good Humor Good Night, Irene Good Samaritan Grand Autumn Grievous Angel Halekulani High Stakes Julep Highball Horse’s Neck Horsefeather Hot Buttered Cider Hot Buttered Whiskey Hot Toddy Improved Iced Coffee Iron Ranger Jimmy Dean John Collins Junior Ken Burns Effect Kentucky Buck Kentucky Longshot Kentucky River La Viña Ladies’ Room Sweet Tea Lana Kane Lavender Old Fashioned Left Hand Lewis & Martin Lion’s Tail Lorikeet Man in the Yellow Hat Manhattan Manhattan Bianco Manhattan East Manhattan Transfer Maple Leaf Met Manhattan Midnight Cowboy Midnight Manhattan Mint Julep Monkey Man Mountain Man Mystical One New Pal New York Sour Nice Nice Night Tripper Noggin Knocker Nutcracker Old Fashioned Old Pal Oriental Other Left Paper Plane Pedro Suckerpunch Pickleback Presbyterian Rattlesnake Raymond Massey Red Moon Over Manhattan Remember the Maine Reverse Manhattan Revolver Ruse Saint Saratoga Seelbach Session Manhattan She’s Leaving Home Silver Lining Sinatra Smash Smash Sportsman’s Club Toddy Stiletto Stone Fence Stone Sour Suburban Sunray The Rug The Sweet Taste of Victory TJ Smash Toast and Marmalade Toronto Trapline Old-Fashioned Trick Nog Up-to-Date Vieux Carré Voodoo Down Walnut Manhattan Warehouse C Washington Apple Watermelon Julep Weathered Axe Whiskey Passion Whiskey Peach Smash Whiskey Rickey Whiskey Sour Without Faculty Yazoo Street Scandal
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