Gin is a distilled spirit that gets its flavor from juniper berries and other botanical elements. Avoid “compound gin” – instead of redistilling the spirit with the botanicals, it’s made by simply adding flavoring to a neutral spirit.

Also Known As

  • Dry gin
  • Plymouth gin
  • London
  • Old Tom gin

Terrific Design!

Absolutely love this app. Gives a great visual representation of the ingredients and the user interface is well designed. Been using it to learn how to make cocktails, the descriptions are great about the drinks. As a novice barman, I love that I am learning the origin of the drink and alternative ways to make the drink. Be prepared to have a wide range of alcohol at you disposal! I can make heaps of drinks with the decent home collection I have, but seeing all the recipes what I could make gets me excited! Highly recommended, everyone loves the person who makes excellent drinks!
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