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Gin is a distilled spirit that gets its flavor from juniper berries and other botanical elements. Avoid “compound gin” – instead of redistilling the spirit with the botanicals, it’s made by simply adding flavoring to a neutral spirit.

Also Known As

  • Dry gin
  • Plymouth gin
  • London gin

Cocktails that use Gin

Abbey Abbey Acacia Acacia Alaska Alaska Alexander Alexander An Apple a Day An Apple a Day Analogue’s Gin and Juice Analogue’s Gin and Juice Angel Face Angel Face Antibes Antibes Aperol Sour Aperol Sour Apple Gin Fizz Apple Gin Fizz Aqua Pearl Aqua Pearl Archangel Archangel Army & Navy Army & Navy Astor Martini Astor Martini Aviation Aviation Basil Gimlet Basil Gimlet Basil Spritz Basil Spritz Beach Bod Fizz Beach Bod Fizz Bee’s Knees Bee’s Knees Bella Luna Bella Luna Bennett Bennett Berlioni Berlioni Bermuda Rose Bermuda Rose Bijou Bijou Bird of Paradise Fizz Bird of Paradise Fizz Bitter French Bitter French Black Thorn Rose Black Thorn Rose Blackbeard Blackbeard Blue Dahlia Blue Dahlia Blue Moon Blue Moon Blue Train Blue Train Bramble Bramble Breakfast Bramble Breakfast Bramble Breakfast Martini Breakfast Martini Bronx Bronx California 75 California 75 California Gin & Tonic California Gin & Tonic Candice Candice Caribeño Caribeño Casino Casino Celine Fizz Celine Fizz Champagne Cocktail Champagne Cocktail Chatham Chatham Cherry Crush Cherry Crush City Coral City Coral City Rickey City Rickey Claridge Claridge Cloister Cloister Closed-Loop Gimlet Closed-Loop Gimlet Clover Club Clover Club Cocky Fizz Cocky Fizz Complement Complement Congressman’s Lunch Congressman’s Lunch Corpse in Seville Corpse in Seville Corpse Reviver No. 2 Corpse Reviver No. 2 Corpse Reviver No. Blue Corpse Reviver No. Blue Cosmonaut Cosmonaut Daddy Don’t Make Dinner Daddy Don’t Make Dinner Dangriga Fizz Dangriga Fizz Daybreaker Daybreaker Dead Bastard Dead Bastard Desert Healer Desert Healer Dick and Jane Dick and Jane Dirty Martini Dirty Martini Doc Daneeka Royale Doc Daneeka Royale Don’t Mind If I Do Don’t Mind If I Do Double Standard Double Standard Dr. Melfi’s Medicine Dr. Melfi’s Medicine Dunhill Dunhill Dying Bastard Dying Bastard Eagle’s Dream Eagle’s Dream Elder Fashion Royale Elder Fashion Royale English Rose English Rose Enzoni Enzoni Fireside 75 Fireside 75 Flight to East Asia Flight to East Asia Florodora Florodora Fog Cutter Fog Cutter Foghorn Foghorn Foxy Lady Foxy Lady French 75 French 75 French Pearl French Pearl Fresh Bramble Fresh Bramble Garden Gin & Tonic Garden Gin & Tonic Gargoyle & Spire Gargoyle & Spire GGG+T GGG+T Gibson Gibson Gimlet Gimlet Gin & Soda Gin & Soda Gin & Tonic Gin & Tonic Gin Buck Gin Buck Gin Crown Gin Crown Gin Daisy Gin Daisy Gin Fizz Gin Fizz Gin Rickey Gin Rickey Gin Sling Gin Sling Gin Sonic Gin Sonic Gin Sour Gin Sour Gin-Gin Highball Gin-Gin Highball Gin-Gin Mule Gin-Gin Mule Golden Fizz Golden Fizz Gordon’s Breakfast Gordon’s Breakfast Gordon’s Cup Gordon’s Cup Green Deacon Green Deacon Green Eyes Green Eyes Greyhound Greyhound Guion Guion Gypsy Wedding Gypsy Wedding High Ball Stepper High Ball Stepper Hinky Dinks Fizzy Hinky Dinks Fizzy Hotel Georgia Hotel Georgia Humuhumunukunukuapua’a Humuhumunukunukuapua’a Income Tax Income Tax Insanely Good Gin & Tonic Insanely Good Gin & Tonic Insanely Good Midori Sour Insanely Good Midori Sour Italian 75 Italian 75 Japanese 75 Japanese 75 Jardin Epice Jardin Epice Jasmine Jasmine Jockey Club Jockey Club Laid Back Laid Back Last Word Last Word Last-Minute Getaway Last-Minute Getaway Lazy Tom Lazy Tom Leap Year Leap Year Lily Lily Limerence Limerence Long Island Iced Tea Long Island Iced Tea Lucien Gaudin Lucien Gaudin Lusty Lady Lusty Lady Madam’s Jams and Preserves Madam’s Jams and Preserves Magnificent Lady Magnificent Lady Maiden’s Blush Maiden’s Blush Maiden’s Prayer Maiden’s Prayer Mainbrace Mainbrace Marmalade Cocktail Marmalade Cocktail Martinez Martinez Martini Martini Max’s Mistake Max’s Mistake May Day May Day Melon Stand Melon Stand Merchant’s Wife Merchant’s Wife Million Dollar Million Dollar Monarch Monarch Monk’s Respite Monk’s Respite Mr. Beard’s Citrus Cooler Mr. Beard’s Citrus Cooler Muddled Mission Muddled Mission Negroni Negroni Negroni Bianco Negroni Bianco New School Gin Daisy New School Gin Daisy Nice (by Way of Antibes) Nice (by Way of Antibes) Nilsson Schmillson Nilsson Schmillson Noce Royale Noce Royale Nomad Nomad Obituary Obituary Ocean Shore Ocean Shore Ocean Side Ocean Side Old Flame Old Flame Orange Crush Orange Crush Pamplemousse Pamplemousse Pan Daisy Pan Daisy Papercut Papercut Paradise Paradise Pearl Collins Pearl Collins Pegu Club Pegu Club Perfect Lady Perfect Lady Persephone’s Bouquet Persephone’s Bouquet Pillow Talk Pillow Talk Pink Lady Pink Lady Poet’s Dream Poet’s Dream Pololu Pololu Polynesian Guava Daiquiri Polynesian Guava Daiquiri Ramble Ramble Ramos Gin Fizz Ramos Gin Fizz Raspberry Rose Fizz Raspberry Rose Fizz Rose Quartz Rose Quartz Rosy Dawn Rosy Dawn Royal 75 Royal 75 Royal Hawaiian Royal Hawaiian Rudolph Collins Rudolph Collins Rudolph’s Apple Sling Rudolph’s Apple Sling Sakura Sakura San Pancho San Pancho Satan’s Whiskers Satan’s Whiskers Saturn Saturn Screwdriver Screwdriver Second Squadron Second Squadron Shae Collins Shae Collins Shoot the Moon Shoot the Moon Silk Road Silk Road Simon’s Gin & Tonic Simon’s Gin & Tonic Singapore Sling Singapore Sling Slippery When Wet Slippery When Wet Sloe Bramble Sloe Bramble Sloe Gin Fizz Sloe Gin Fizz South Slope South Slope Southside Southside Southside Fizz Southside Fizz Spencer Spencer Spring Fever Spring Fever Spruce Goose Spruce Goose Spumoni Spumoni Strange Weather Strange Weather Strawberry Contessa Strawberry Contessa Suffering Bastard Suffering Bastard Summer Rose Summer Rose Sunflower Sunflower Surf City Spritz Surf City Spritz Susina Sour Susina Sour Sweet Basil Sweet Basil That Cucumber Cocktail That Cucumber Cocktail That’s Probably Him That’s Probably Him The Drive The Drive This Little Lychee of Mine This Little Lychee of Mine Thyme After Thyme Thyme After Thyme Tom Collins Tom Collins Tuxedo Tuxedo Twentieth Century Twentieth Century Vesper Vesper Vieux Mot Vieux Mot Violet Fizz Violet Fizz Virgin Island Kula Virgin Island Kula Water Lily Water Lily West 8th West 8th White Lady White Lady White Negroni White Negroni Wibble Wibble Wiz Fizz Wiz Fizz Yellow Daisy Yellow Daisy Yuzu Ramble Yuzu Ramble
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